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The Centro Nazionale Terremoti of the Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia receives today signals from more than 250 stations connected in real time to the center.
An automatic system provides a first location and magnitude within 2 minutes from any Italian earthquake. As soon as any relevant earthquake occurs, two seismologists attending the seismic monitoring center in Roma, verify the accuracy of the location and immediately inform the Italian National Civil Defence Department and the Interior Department.

Since some decade ago a team of Analysts, trained in the interpretation of seismic signals, provides daily accurate location and magnitude evaluation of all the recorded earthquakes, from the largest events felt in extended areas to the smallest ones reported by few instruments only.
The Analysts recognize the presence of earthquake signals observing, on a graphic terminal, the reproduction of the recorded data. They pick the arrival times of the seismic phases to the stations, measure the maximum amplitude and direction of the oscillations and compute location and size of all the Italian earthquakes. All the resulting information is included in this Italian Seismic Bulletin, a semimonthly web-publication since January 2002.
Previous data (1981 to 2002) are available in: Catalogo della Sismicità Italiana (anni 1981-2002), INGV- CNT CSI 1.0

Interactive tools for earthquake selection and mapping can be found in:

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